Hello and Welcome to GARDEN

This is the TCG collective of Ajisaitea. Here you will find all the TCG's I am currently a member of. Feel free to poke around and trade with me.

layout ver. Selfish Desire

New layout! I didn't intend for it to be pink and purple but it looked better that way. So... yeah? This layout features Madoka Kaname & Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, And if you're wondering why they look the way they do then you haven't seen Rebellion. (Go watch it) The image is by Starpri. I poppped the colors to give it a little shine. The image really didn't need much of anything else done to it since it's so pretty on it's own. The wallpaper on the top half of the background is called Halftone and can be found at subtlepatterns.

Policy on Trading

I only except trades via my trade form. Please DO NOT send me trades via TCG site profiles, bbphp forums or direct email. All other methods will sadly be ignored.

Need to get in touch with me?

The fastest way to get my attention is via phpBB forums for the TCG's I am appart of. I tend to poke around them a few times a day. So if you need my attention thoses are your best bet.